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Personalized investment support. Expert evaluation and selection of trading strategies when you need them. Investment management.

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We offer to expand your capabilities in the cryptocurrency market

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You can choose one of three forms of earnings, based on personal preferences

Our developments

Studying the influence of various parameters of indicators of traded pairs on charts of different time periods

Creating an open network for receiving, transmitting and processing analyzed information

Developing a self-learning program to find the best trading strategy

Road map

Q4 2013 J-Bot simple trading on approximations, buying and selling on deposit

Q4 2017 K-Bot updated trade on approximation and trade of corridors

Q2 2018 Sniper-Bot sending orders at the best prices in a glass

Q3 2019 Funny-Bot signal trading, position profit control

Q4 2019 Sandbox - simulation environment for signal quality control

Q3 2020 Development of a line of bots for windows operating system

Q1 2021 The results of the study of the influence of parameters on opening positions

Q3 2021 Learn-Bot Automated Research Platform

Q4 2021 Implement blockchain and wallet


We have a common dream - to make the world a better place. We want to create the smartest app for trading in cryptocurrency markets.

Time is money

By following our trading rules you can earn more than 300% in two years.

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We are constantly working on connecting new cryptocurrency exchanges to our services.

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