USD, BTC, LTC, NVC, NMC, etc. - the amount of funds in your account.

Pair - current trading pair
Bot allows you to trade all crypto-currency pairs.

Strategy - four types of strategy:
- OUTER - strategy based on the course. If the rate increases, bot buys within LOW, sells higher than HIGH, when it falls, bot sells within HIGH, and buys below LOW.
- INNER24(12,6,2) - strategy of buying and selling within the 24(12, 6, 2) hours range HIGH-LOW.

Step Amount - the amount of crypto currency you buy or sell.

Step Distance - the distance of the step in the values. (example 0.25 says to buy at 0.25 below the proposed price every time step-by-step, and sell at 0.25 above the proposed price every time step-by-step - expands the range, the negative value narrows the range. Use only positive values).

Delta - the distance of the step as a percentage of the spread. (example -10 (minus 10) says to make deals closer to the center of the HIGH-LOW range: buy 10% higher than LOW and sell 10% lower than HIGH and vice versa 10 (plus 10) says to make deals farther from the center of the HIGH-LOW range : buy 10% lower LOW and sell 10% higher HIGH).

Step Time - the time between sent orders (optimally, I guess it's 1-10 minutes).

Order Life - the lifetime of the order. If the order hangs longer than this time, it will be canceled.

Max Orders - the maximum number of orders in one direction. The bot can not issue more orders for purchases or sales than indicated.

Max Depo - maximal available deposit for trading. In based currency.

Step Density - density of oders in 24-hour HIGH-LOW. (example: if the difference of HIGH and LOW for 24 hours is 10 and Step Density is 4, than Stap Distance will be 2.5 (10 / 4 = 2.5)).

In the fields "BUY" and "SELL", the bot offers a purchase and sale price.
If the fields are painted in red, then the funds are insufficient, or the conditions for the number of active orders are not met

Fee - commission for the transaction, %.

Set1-20 - Saved settings.

Password - Any secret word for hashing saved settings.

Allow and Disallow - this is a permission of the bot to conduct independently purchase and sale operations.


Q: How do I become a member of your system?
A: Go to http://funnymay.com/ and start using the services of the bot or download it and install it on your web server.

Q: If I want to change the settings, do I need to stop the bot?
A: When changing the settings, click the "Save settings" button and the next update will pick up the information "on the fly." You do not need to stop the bot.

Q: What operations occur during errors with words ... XMLHTTP ...?
A: Repeating errors say that javascript is frozen, but no operations are performed.

Q: I have one and the same error with the words ... XMLHTTP ... what should I do?
A: Reload the page and restart the bot with the "Run Bot" button.